Friday, January 23, 2009

New Experiences in CDM & Transport

An interesting presentation at Better Air Quality Conference (2008) in Bangkok, Thailand by Dr. Jurg M. Grutter, summarizes the current experiences in CDM & Transport.

The abstract & the presentation is available here. A more detailed presentation is available from the Climate and Transport Pre-event organized by GTZ/SUTP.

The programs highlighted in this presentation are
  • Trans Melineo
  • Megabus, Pereira, Colombia
  • MIO, Cali, Colombia
  • Trolebus, Quito, Ecuador
  • BRT, Chongqing, China
  • Metrobus Insurgentes, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Bus Occupation, Manila, Philippines
  • Metro, Mumbai, India
  • Metro, Delhi, India
  • Cablecar, Medellin, Colombia
  • TOD, Nanchang, China
  • E-Diesel, Bangalore, India
  • Tunnel, Colombia
  • Bridge road, Mumbai, India
  • Freight road to rail, Colombia
  • SVO, Paraguay
  • Electric vehicles, India
  • Freight road to ship, Colombia

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