Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brown Cloud's of Pollution Over Asia (ABC)

aka Atmospheric Brown Cloud over Asia, is back in the news.

(1) Science Daily - Sources of climate and health effecting pollution over South Asia identified.
(2) TIME (CNN) - Study gets inside the world's "Brown Cloud".
(3) BBC - Asia's Brown Clouds 'warm planet'.
(4) Int. Herald Tribune - Haunting Asia, a brown cloud blots out sun.
(5) New York Times - Study pinpoints main source of Asia's Brown Cloud.
(6) Times of India - Wood fires fueling India's brown haze.
(7) Scientific American - Wood and dung fires feed Asia's brown cloud.
(8) Live Mint (WSJ) - Burning biomass contributes 70% of brown cloud soot.
(9) Scientific American - Clear the air down south.

Here is a list of interesting (and useful) publications, news, and journal articles on ABC in the past
  • ABC Regional Assessment report (2008)
  • Impacts of Asian megacity emissions on regional air quality during spring 2001 (JGR)
  • NASA probes the sources of world's tiny particles
  • Global and regional climate changes due to Black Carbon (Nature)
  • INDOEX (The Indian Ocean Experiement, 1999) studies aerosols over the Indian Ocean
  • Brown clouds over South Asia: Biomass or fossil fuel combustion? (Science)
  • UNEP's Asian Brown Cloud experiment - see the impact assessment report (2002).
  • Wikipedia
  • New Directions: Atmospheric Brown Clouds (Atmospheric Environment)
  • Aerosol radiative characteristics at Gosan, Korea, during the ABC East Asian Regional Experiment 2005 (JGR)
  • Indian Ocean Experiment 1999: An integrated analysis of the climate forcing and effects of the great Indo-Asian haze (JGR)
  • How dangerous is the ABC?
  • Brown clouds over South Asia: Biomass or fossil fuel combustion? (Science)
  • Discovery of the ABC over the Indian Ocean, sets off flight
  • ABC: Impacts on South Asian climate & hydrological cycles (PNAS)
  • Air pollution & climate change, both reduce India's rice harvests (PNAS)
  • North American, Asian, & Indian haze: Similar regional impacts on climate (GRL)
  • Air pollution, greenhouse gases, and climate: Global & regional perspectives (Atmospheric Environment)
  • Characterization of the seasonal cycle of south Asian aerosols: A regional-scale modeling analysis (JGR)
  • Warming trends in Asia amplified by brown cloud solar absorption (Nature)
  • Overview of the Atmospheric Brown Cloud East Asian Regional Experiment 2005 (JGR)

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