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Air Pollution in Hyderabad, India

Andhra Pradesh State Pollution Control Board (APPCB) operates and maintains the monitoring network in Hyderabad. Below are some figure excerpts from the "Air Pollution and Co-benefits Analysis of an Action Plan for Hyderabad" report. Two journal articles also published out of this study

Source emissions and health impacts of urban air pollution in Hyderabad, India
Journal article in Air Quality, Atmosphere, & Health (2014)

Receptor model based source apportionment of particulate pollution in Hyderabad, India
Journal article in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (2013)


This study was conducted in 2005-06, including a year long (three seasons) monitoring for PM10 and PM2.5 for source apportionment, emissions inventory development, and air pollution analysis of an action plan for the city of Hyderabad, India.

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Figure represents averaged monitoring data (RSMP - PM10) from multiple stations. Blue line represents the urban stations, while the green represents the background stations.

Figure represents an average result of the source apportionment study - following monitoring at three stations for three seasons, chemical analysis, and CMB modeling. This project was conducted under the USEPA's Integrated Environmental Strategies Phase 2 program for Hyderabad, India.

Figure represents a comparison of vehicular growth vs. average PM10 concentrations in the city. The city of Hyderabad is experiencing an average of 10 percent annual growth in vehicular population.

Figure represents modeled annual average PM10 concentrations in Hyderabad. Additional information (in the report) includes maps of seasonal contribution of various sources to ambient air pollution, and percent contribution of sources such as industries, transport - direct vehicular exhaust and indirect road dust, domestic combustion, open burning in the city, and background concentrations.

Final report, including the co-benefits analysis is available @

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